Robotiq Insights Update

Take a look at the new Insight features in this video.

Roqotiq Insights Has New Features To Improve Your Robots Productivity

Robotiq’s Insights helps you monitor every Universal Robots application and will send you real-time alerts when your robot has stopped working or needs your attention. Robotiq has updated their Insights software with these new key features:

  • Custom production dashboard
  • SMS alerts based on user-defined events in the robot program
  • Downloadable log of events
  • Customizable notifications schedule
  • On-demand SMS and reports to help you demo Insights
  • Improved user experience on mobile

Start optimizing your Universal Robots UR3, UR5 or UR10 collaborative robot!

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Remote Monitoring


This video demonstrate remote monitoring of tank fluid levels using an Alexa Echo, Balluff tank sensor, and a remote I/O module and UC-8100 Linux Computer from Moxa. Using custom programming, Alexa provides the fluid level relative to the top of the tank.


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ActiveDrive Toolbar


Robotiq ActiveDrive Toolbar – an add-on software package for Robotiq FT300 and Universal Robots

This video showcases Robotiq’s ActiveDrive Toolbar, which is a powerful feature that come with the Robotiq Force Torque Sensor FT 300 for UR robots. It’s an add-on software package with enhanced features to guide the UR robot and is located at the top of the UR touch pad.

All those new features are meant to facilitate the hand guiding of the UR robots. The ActiveDrive mode take full advantage of the FT-300 and FT-150 sensitivity beyond the force feedback in the robot program. The results are smoother and more precise movements allowing the robot to be easily move with only 1 hand.

Features include:

  • 6-axis movements; which is similar to the actual freedrive mode of UR,
  • Scara movement; allowing translations in the X, Y, Z plane and 1 rotation of the tool,
  • Translation movements; Also known as Cartesian movements which allow only linear translation in the 3 axis,
  • Plane movements; which keeps your tool always in the same plan,
  • Automatic tool orientation in the closest orthogonal axis,
  • Speed of the movements (fast or slow).

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Omron FORPHEUS Robot

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play ping pong with Omron’s FORPHEUS robot at ATX West. FORPHEUS was created by Omron and is the world’s 1st “robot table tennis tutor”. It’s able to predict the movements of the human player, the type of shot they plan to play, and when a smash is coming. FORPHEUS matches the player’s skill level and sends encouraging messages throughout the match.

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The Technologies of FORPHEUS

FORPHEUS Motion Controller

The controller used in Forpheus is an OMRON NJ series which is typically used in production facilities. All user interface technologies such as the touch panels for starting and switching modes and the servo controllers for the motors also use OMRON’s latest technology. Decisions on timing and direction are made within a thousandth of a second and the directional error rate for the return balls is within ± 10 cm. Learn more about Omron’s NJ Machine Controller Series

Omron FORPHEUS AI machine learning
Machine Learning by AI

Through machine learning FORPHEUS can improve its ability to judge a players ability. By evaluating the player’s movements and the motion of the ball, the AI can gauge whether the opponent is experienced or a beginner. Forpheus then adjusts its ability level to ensure a successful rally.

Omron Forpheus robot vision
Image Detection Using 3 Cameras

FORPHEUS has a three-camera system to identify the ball and evaluate players. The cameras mounted on the left and right allow the robot to see the ping pong balls in 3D, identical to the human visual system. FORPHEUS’ 3rd camera is in the center and is responsible for judging the players ability from their movements.

Omron FORPHEUS robot arm control
FORPHEUS Arm Control

Forpheus’ high speed robotic arm moves in response to its AI controller and was re-purposed from a robot arm used in packaging. The arm is controlled by the AI through a 5-axis motor system to swing the paddle at the ball. Paddle grip, ball hit location and arm position are all controlled to within 0.1mm.  

FORPHEUS ping pong table
FORPHEUS Predicts Where The Ball Will Go

Forpheus can predict the trajectory of the ball the moment a player hits it by calculating the speed and rotation of the ball up to 80 times per second. The robot moves its paddle to a position where the ball will be when it needs to return it and then calculates the trajectory of the ball it will be hitting back.

Photos: Omron

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